Cottonwood Creek Wellness Centers are affiliated and supported by Cottonwood Creek Behavioral Hospital, its clinical and administrative leadership.

Our commitment is to provide high-quality, specialty behavioral health services and improve the communities, families and lives of those we serve. Our experience serving individuals in an acute, inpatient setting inspired our interest to establish step-down services in the outpatient setting.

We know that treatment doesn’t end after an acute hospital stay–in fact, it’s just beginning.

Cottonwood Creek Wellness Centers are unique from other Intensive Outpatient Programs because of our:

  • Knowledgeable teams of specialty providers, including but limited to, Board-Certified Psychiatrists, nurses and specialized clinicians.
  • Integrated systems that allow for the individuals we serve to have a seamless transition from inpatient to intensive outpatient services.
  • Commitment to serving individuals with a treatment-resistant diagnosis and helping improve their quality of life.
  • Emphasis on quality in the services we provide and the importance we place on the safety of the individuals we serve.